Reflective citizens in Novi Sad – an initiative for new bridges among us. Traces of reflection.

Since 2014, Novi Sad has become a shelter for ‘Reflective Citizens’ in Novi Sad. The specificity of the Novi Sad workshops is an intensive relation with art, cultural heritage, the exchange of ideas about diversity, which can be the basis for togetherness and the inclusion of the youngest reflective citizens – children.

This publication is the result of years of work and innovative applied workshops. Only patience and time transform mulberry’s leaves into silk. Likewise, patience, dedication and perseverance build a beautiful matrix of dialogue, respect and interculturality of Reflective citizens in Novi Sad.

Enjoy this publication of Reflective citizens of Novi Sad!

Publisher: DGAB
Editor and author: Marija Jevtić
Design: Samo Valent, Futura, Novi Sad
Printing house: Futura, Novi Sad
ISBN electronic edition 978-86-7542-214-3
ISBN printed edition 978-86-7542-213-6